Hale Kūʻike Nuuanu, LLC

Serving the Nuuanu area since 2005

To arrange for a tour, please call Scott Gardiner at 235-6770.

Our first location in Nuuanu has operated with great success since 2005, providing the standard for memory care in Hawaii.

The single level building can accommodate twenty six residents.  Residents enjoy a central courtyard and a secure garden walking path.

Just the Dog - Hale Kūʻike

Our residents and staff enjoy the loving companionship of two live-in service animals — Vita, the Labradoodle and Mimi, the tabby cat. Many of our residents grew up with animals and immediately connect with Vita and Mimi. They are excited and help feed, groom and spoil them. Both Mimi and Vita provide unconditional love and friendship to our residents and their families.

Vita was trained by Hawaii Fi Do as a companion service dog. She enjoys sitting next to our residents and having her back rubbed. She roams our home freely and gives love where ever she goes. Mimi was a rescue cat from the Hawaiian Humane Society. She has our residents trained to let her in and out at will. She is very talkative and lets our residents know when it is time to feed her and when she wants to be petted. You will often find Mimi curled up on a chair next to a resident or curled up in their bed. Mimi and Vita get along well because Mimi makes sure Vita know who’s the boss.

Vita and Mimi make our house a home and we are grateful for their service, companionship and love each day.

Hale Kuike dining area

Map to Nuuanu Location