The Standard In Memory Care

In Native Hawaiian, “Hale” means “house” and “Kūʻike” means “to understand.” Hale Kūʻike or “house of understanding” reflects our mission to provide the highest level of care for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia-related illnesses.

We invite you to tour our homes so you can see firsthand how our residents continue to lead active, joyful lives. Book a tour today.

The Hale Kūʻike Experience

Resident Care

As Hawaii’s memory care experts, our team understands the unique traits of memory loss and can provide positive solutions that are proactive and patient-centered.

Innovative Design

Large windows that let in calming natural light. Circular pathways so you never get lost. Furniture at the perfect height. Every design element has been thought of to create the ideal living environment.

Engaging Activities

Hands-on crafting projects. A playful game of mahjong. Tai chi to get the energy flowing. Even daily tasks like folding laundry can be fun when you’re among friends.

Fine Cuisine

Asian steamed fish. Butternut squash soup. Okinawan shoyu pork. Our chefs prepare each dish from scratch to nourish the body and warm the soul.

Healing Gardens

The surprise of flowers in bloom. The happiness of a sunny day. A bench for quiet reflection. Dementia doesn’t have to result in a life stuck indoors.

Hale Kūʻike specializes in care for loved ones with memory impairments

Hale Kūʻike offers a series of free memory care workshops