Hale Kūʻike – An official Positive Approach® to Care organization

Positive Approach® to Care (PAC) is a nationally-recognized dementia care training program. Hale Kūʻike began implementing their award-winning care strategies and care techniques a decade ago.

As part of our mission to serve as a model for dementia care in Hawaii, our very own Dorothy Colby, became Hawaii’s first PAC-certified Trainer, allowing her to train and certify other staff members, family support members, professionals and home care partners.

By sharing PAC knowledge and skills through free public workshops, Hale Kūʻike has helped bring the Hawaii community together to improve dementia care.

In 2019, we had the distinction of becoming the nation's first PAC Designated Organization. Today, over a dozen of our staff members are certified as PAC Trainers, Champions and Engagement Leaders.

Hale Kūʻike’s PAC Certified Trainers: Dorothy Colby, Marcus Asahina, Christina Hunter, Beth Murphey, Scott Gardiner, Rena Kua.

Hale Kūʻike’s PAC Champions: Jessica Marchese, Reeann Minatoya, Cristina Lin, Ralph Manuel, Joy Micua, David Fitzgerald.