A New Standard

Innovative Design

There is a reason behind each design element at Hale Kūʻike. Even the smallest details were carefully researched. Lessons from Scandinavia are thoughtfully incorporated with many resort quality details. The home–like environment is one that actively supports the residents’ abilities while projecting a familiar and comfortable island feel.

Fine Cuisine

We believe that food feeds the soul. Delicious food provides comfort in times of anxiety, joy in times of celebration, and promotes good cheer around the table. This is important for everyone, but it is especially so for people with dementia, who truly live in the moment. Our professionally trained chefs prepare the meals and pastries from scratch with fresh ingredients. Hale Kūʻike is a proud supporter of The Culinary Institute of the Pacific. Many of our chefs are graduates of their outstanding program.

Activities and Programs

Our philosophy is to find joy in all that we do and to bring the zest of life into each day. The goal of our comprehensive activity program is to keep residents engaged throughout the day. Planned activities are led daily by our activity professionals from 9AM to 5PM. When visiting Hale Kūʻike, you will find residents involved in the natural rhythms of everyday life. Familiar “living activities,” such as gardening, laundry, and cooking provide many opportunities for success by targeting remaining abilities. You will also find a variety of creative approaches, including therapeutic music, Tai Chi and aromatherapy that support a calm and healthful atmosphere.